Thursday, October 17, 2013

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Will Be Coming To Android

Marvel has recently announced that it’s Facebook and iOS social game, Marvel: Avengers Alliance will be coming to Android this November 21st. The developer team also revealed information regarding the new contents, characters and gameplay of this upcoming title.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance will include a new Spec Ops mission, which is totally based on Marvel’s upcoming Thor: The Dark World movie. The mission is to stop Malekith and the Dark Elves from marching on Midgard. Heimdall is joining Avengers as reward hero and player will also get an option to unlock a brand new version of Loki as the lockbox hero.

Coming to the third chapter of Season 2, players will continue to unravel the mystery of the Circle of 8. Kingpin and Sin, the new villains will be introduced and Daredevil will be as the Chapter Mastery reward.

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