Tuesday, November 12, 2013

PvP Season 12

Season 12 PVP Rewards

Scrapper’s Empowered Armor

  • Close the Gap
  • Extends Rest, allowing a Scrapper to gain Close Quarters Combat as a quick action.

Beyond Corp Can Opener

  • Customized, Melee, Slashing
  • Counter against attacks with Metal
  • Melt Armor
  • Shield Breaker
  • Mechanical Stress
  • The cooldown of all abilities except Recharge is increased by one round.


Bio: Neena Thurman was genetically modified in a top-secret government breeding program, one of only two individuals to survive the process. After she was freed by a religious cult called the Armajesuits, Neena became the mercenary known as Domino. Her skill with firearms and her mutant powers of probability manipulation make for a potent combination.
  • Class: Blaster
  • Self Passive : Something About Us
    • "I roll twenties"
    • The attacks of Domino and her allies are more likely to be critical hits
  • Self Passive : Get Lucky
    • Chance to manipulate probability, dodging attacks, countering attacks, following-up attacks, ignoring enemy defense, or avoiding debuffs
    • Chance to make Hold Up a Quick Action

New Collection: Sabretooth

As promised at New York Comic Con this year, Sabretooth can now be unlocked as a playable character via Fanged Lockboxes.
  • Fanged Lockboxes can be obtained via two methods (similar to Elektra and Juggernaut previously).
  • One lockbox for each of your first five wins per day
  • A Covert Task that rewards groups of lockboxes for completion of each subtask.
Bio: Though Victor Creed's mutant healing factor and claws may resemble those of Wolverine, the comparison ends there. Sabretooth is feral, bloodthirsty, and utterly without humanity. These qualities served him well in the Weapon X program, where he and Wolverine forged their mutual hatred. Sabretooth now works for S.H.I.E.L.D., though not by choice; the bomb in his head, implanted by an unknown organization, is the only thing keeping him from killing everyone around him.
  • Class: Scrapper
  • Self Passive : Bloodlust
    • Gains X stacks of Blood Rage when attacking a target with Bleeding, where X is the number of Bleedings on the target
      • Blood Rage
        • Increases Attack
        • Regens Stamina
        • This effect can be applied 5 times
  • Self Passive - Healing Factor
    • Gradually restores Health during combat
    • Reduces durations for Bleeding and Poison
    • Guaranteed to survive being KO’ed once and restored to half health
    • Gains Frenzy after being KO’ed
      • Frenzy
        • Increases the health restored by Healing Factor
        • Takes 2 actions every round
Forum Patch Notes: PvP Season 12: http://adf.ly/ZEbEf

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